10 Best Animated Commercials Video Examples (2021)

Animated commercials have surely taken hold over the world of advertising in recent times! Animated ads have gone on to achieve great results thus satisfying the needs of marketers to a great extent. The financial results of such advertising have been beyond anything they’d ever thought. The reason for this is that animated advertisements are creative, innovative, and are far more appealing to consumers than many other forms of advertising.

Graphics, artistic imagery, and nostalgically, “old cartoon ads” — the combination of all these create deep sentimental value for consumers. By capitalizing on it, the connection you’ll build with consumers through leveraging animated advertisements will be unprecedented!

There’s a myth that animation advertisements can never live up to the energy and hype you get from live-action commercials, but nothing can be more false than that. In fact, there are a lot of elements, live-action ads just can’t cover. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to animated commercials.

Before we delve into the history of animated ads and how effective they are, let’s learn what a commercial video is:

Commercial Video

How to make a commercial video? How to make an effective 30-second commercial video? These are some of the questions advertisers ponder over. A commercial video is basically supposed to market a product, detailing its features — increasing conversions.

Social media advertisements try to convey a message in 15-second commercials, or so. A lot of TV commercials do the same.

If you too want to grab a customer’s attention, and inevitably increase sales, use a commercial video right away!

And if you want to get some major inspiration on how to do so then let’s take a look at the ten best-animated commercials produced by brands over the years and how they impacted the industry.

Hopefully, we can help you learn what made these animated commercials so successful and allowed them to connect with the audience in the way they did.

#1) Oreo — Wonderfilled

This classic advert is remembered by thousands of Gen-Z kids because of its catchy song. Wonderfilled was released back in 2013, and viewers were amazed by it! Surprisingly though, the target audience was adults. Oreo wanted to convey the message, “Wonderfilled captures the universal human feeling that kids are naturally so good at, yet adults need to be reminded of: a sense of wonder in the world.”

Oreo presented a visually appealing, animated commercial that had a moral message and a song by Owl City — a band with optimistic, refreshing, and cheerful music. The video currently has more than 5.6 million views.

What we can learn is that — The use of nostalgic and an upbeat theme works for animated commercials as it lets users connect well to the idea.

#2) Android: Be Together. Not the Same

This simple-looking ad has a deep and thought-provoking message. Released in 2016, this animated commercial uses “rock, paper, and scissors” to depict an important cause — bullying.

In the cutest way possible, the ad showed how the “three” didn’t fight each other. They did not let their differences interfere and chose to be friends. Released by Google for its Android OS, the company wanted to show an inspiring tale — representing their core values.

Advertisers can learn from this ad and use “social issues” to an advantage. It’s not always necessarily important to market the product firsthand, as you can capture the attention of your customers even without doing that explicitly.

#3) Wimbledon: In Pursuit of Greatness

This commercial brilliantly showcases the history of the prestigious tournament in a mere minute. The animated ad was released in 2018 and captured every tennis fan’s heart. Everyone can relate to it, no matter what generation they belong to.

The advertising agency used legendary players to an advantage. By showing nostalgic elements, they invoked people’s memories. It’s a major takeaway from this commercial.

More so, the illustrations shown are beyond exceptional. Also, the background music acted as an icing on the cake. Combining all these, they didn’t need a voice over. Such graphics were enough to make people remember the event as well as the ad.

#4) Swiggy: The Fastest Food Delivery in Town

Food delivery apps are the norm these days, and the commercials released lately have been, well, mediocre. That’s not the case with Swiggy, though.

This app released a short animated video where they show a fast-paced environment; what difficulties riders face every day. Swiggy showed how despite the obstacles they face, they are as resilient as ever in their pursuit of offering a great service.

Furthermore, the brand focused on its signature features, letting consumers know why Swiggy is the best option. Marketers should learn this app’s strategy and focus on showcasing their product’s features. A lot of times, that’s all you need.

#5) Airbnb: Cycling Experiences

Airbnb didn’t use any inspiring voiceover but rather showed a series of illustrations in just 30-seconds! Since they wanted to advertise “cycling,” the video’s transition looked like someone traveling on a cycle as well.

Airbnb knew they had a short timespan. That’s why they showed illustrations and stats about bicycles right after it. You should note how Airbnb depicted their message without seeming vague.

But showing stats isn’t effective a lot of time. It depends on the nature of your product. If there’s a ton of facts related to a product, use them in commercials. It’s better than to blatantly try to sell something.

#6) MasterCard: By The Numbers

Mastercard is used by basically every other person and is by far one the most well-known credit card providers out there. So why do they bother spending millions on advertising?

Well, Mastercard uses a different strategy. They don’t try “selling” their product. But rather showcase what the card means — using stats and features. That’s exactly what “by the numbers,” shows.

In a minute, the infomercial graphics showed Mastercard’s pride i.e. how the card is used all over the world and in a lot of different ways. The key takeaway here? Remember how Mastercard emphasized on building a presence and then capitalizing on it rather than just promoting their product.

#7) Slack — Traffic

Slack is a mastermind when it comes to cartoon advertisements. Since Slack is a communication software, having loyal, friendly customers are necessary. Slack kept that in mind and released a short commercial — Traffic.

The minute-long ad showed how cartoon characters collaborated, communicated through Slack, and eventually built a flying car! The premise of the ad is hilarious, and it had mindboggling graphics as well!

While producing an ad, make use of cartoons. It’ll give off the impression that your brand is user-friendly and creative.

#8) Nespresso on Ice: You’re Just A Sip Away

When thinking of 30-second commercial ideas, keep Nespresso’s mesmerizing coffee ad in mind. The illustrations were designed by a Finnish designer, Pietari Posti — and he definitely didn’t disappoint. The illustrations, combined with the right music and sound effects — created a breathtaking experience.

In the commercial, a woman is shown having the time of her life. Vacationing at a far-away Island, enjoying the comfortable environment she’s in. And she always had a Nespresso’s cup by her side. The product isn’t explicitly shown but the marketing remains just as effective.

You should realize how effective such tactics are. Sometimes, you just need to set the product aside and let the viewer enjoy the video.

#9) Whatsapp: End-to-End Encryption

WhatsApp’s security features have been criticized a lot over the years. User-growth had stopped because of that. To combat this, WhatsApp released an “end-to-end encryption” feature — assuring utmost security.

To advertise their latest feature, the app straight-up showed this feature in a 30-second ad. In such a short time, the ad portrayed how a lady shared her location with a loved one, without worrying about the app invading her privacy. She knew that WhatsApp is by her side in such a challenging time.

From a marketing perspective, this video ad serves as a reminder to add an emotional aspect in an ad in order to make it more effective. Humans react to it, it’s natural. Bland facts don’t attract anyone.

#10) Coachademy: #BeGreat

Coachacademy has a millennial target audience, and obviously, no one’s going through more problems than this generation. Stress, mundane problems, and lack of optimism — all these deteriorate mental health. Coachacademy wants to help them, advising them on how to live a better life.

So in the commercial, Coachacademy showed related scenarios. Using sharp 2D animation, the ad had a lot of illustrations and a soothing voiceover. Using facts and motivational quotes, they tried convincing people.

A key takeaway from this ad would be to use relatable, everyday problems people face. Make users realize that your brand understands their problems. Without directly advertising the product, only a bit of advice in a video would do wonders!

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