18 Trending Motion Graphic Of 2021 That You Should Check Out

It’s a fact that in a world of perceptions, there is no hack, and the only way to delight your audience is to hardwire your brand collaterals with innovation and creativity.

We have just entered 2021, and there’s a whole new digital world out there today that holds some of the most visually stunning elements that you should adapt to gain a competitive edge in the digital realm.

The elements that we’ll be discussing today are motion graphic animations. Animation graphics not only make your brand stand out but also persuade your customers into taking action. As one of the fastest-growing fields in the digital world, motion graphics have seen drastic innovation, and a myriad of trends have been developed to help brands retain their audience.

With 65% of people being visual learners, incorporating videos for brand promotion or product launch seems quite a smart move. Also, videos help businesses grow revenue 49% faster.

Over the years, numerous types of animation have popped up from time to time, delivering awe-inspiring graphics and helping businesses achieve desired results. But since the digital industry is evolving every now and then, it is essential to keep up with the pace. I would never recommend a brand to repeat the same animation process or keep using the same type of motion graphics repeatedly.

Adapting to the latest trends in the animation world has its own perks and benefits. The most interesting side of animation is that it ages with grace.

However, before you get started, if you’re new to animation, I would suggest that you learn about the types of animation or the animation process before fully capitalizing on the market trends but if you’re already familiar with the medium, then keep reading.

Whether you are a professional who’s willing to skyrocket his/her career or you’re a business owner who wants to boost his engagement in the digital world, the 18 motion graphics trends mentioned in this article will help you revitalize your online presence and help you become a leader in the world of illusions.

So, without any further ado — let’s start exploring the latest motion trends that will make 2021 super-exciting for brands and their audiences.

Why Motion Graphics Are The New Norm?

Motion graphics give your audience a breathtaking visual experience of your product or brand. Regardless of how tedious the product or service might be, motion graphics tend to take them to a whole new level by amplifying the message behind the video, making it unforgettable.

With trending graphics like 3D and 2D animation, you can connect with your audience in real-time. Also, videos can generate up to 1200% more shares than text or images so, here’s another reason for incorporating motion graphics. Now that you know the details? Let’s explore trending graphic animations in 2021.

You can also check our top 15 picks for animated motion graphics video examples.

Liquid Motion Graphic

After effects has literally pushed this trending motion animation to new heights, and we’re here to reveal its secrets. Liquid motion animations are as creative as it gets.

The videos are clean, smooth, colorful, which obviously makes them super engaging. In addition to all of the aspects mentioned earlier — the splashy shifts and transformational shapes only add to the engagement and bring joy to the viewers.

I would highly recommend this motion graphics trend if your product is a drink like a juice or soft or energy drink.

Isometric design

The most damaging aspect and a mistake that several brands repeat are that they incorporate too much in just one motion graphic animation. This approach is wrong. The overall idea of engaging the audience becomes compromised because the audience feels overwhelmed when they see a cluttered video with text, images, facts, stats, and whatnot.

And this part is exactly where Isometric Design plays its role by leveraging both 2D and 3D elements, molding them with each other to form the best motion graphic video- that your brand needs.

Bold Typography

Bold Typography based motion graphic videos are a robust way of showcasing your business’s highlights. These videos communicate the message clearly and strongly. Also, you get the opportunity to extra emphasize the core message of the video using bold and huge typography styles.


Digital surrealism is all about adding spectacular motion graphics animation and giving them a seamless and magical formation, which adds to your product or services’ overall presentation.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual reality graphic animation is the one kind of animation that almost everyone knows about. Leveraging this animation trend that is continuously growing and evolving will enable you to give your audience a real-life virtual experience of your brand, service, or product.

Moreover, virtual reality is super-focused on quality and creativity so, you might convert your viewers instantly.

Thin Lines Motion Graphic

Want your audience to witness such animation graphics that create a connection between your brand’s different products or services mentioned in your video? If so, then thin lines are a perfect choice.

Thin lines showcase your audience the people behind the brand. This best motion animation has sketchy vector lines that reflect handcraft and represent the people behind the brand in a subconscious way.

Also, integrating fun aspects within your Thin Lines animation like bean-shaped head, curvy characters, and elegant backgrounds instantly make your video cartoonish, which is great if your product or service is for kids.

Grain (A Tool)

There are times when your video just doesn’t seem quite ready. Some design elements may be missing, some revamp ongoing or dull visuals you may have to take care of before finally launching your animation graphic.

A quick and easy way to fend off all these issues is by leveraging “Grain,” a tool designed to add life to the dull and visually unattractive imagery of your video.

The grain is also an excellent way to enhance texture, insert images, and remove dullness from your promotional video.

Retro Motion Graphics

Retro graphics are just nostalgic. Retro motion animation was already on the high rise in 2020, and its usage is increasing even more. Designers around the world are leveraging this animation trend to add freshness and activeness to their videos.

Morphing Animation

Morphing animation is basically a conceptual representation of your entire brand. This animation graphic consists of your brand’s logo, images, culture, and represents them in a smooth flow to engage the user in the shortest period.

Considering that users are spending 2.5 seconds on any piece of content they find online, you’ll be seeing many brands leveraging Morphing animation to engage their audience.

Website & Application Motion Graphics

The modernization of the digital world has given us many opportunities to excite our audience. Today, if you don’t have an aesthetically pleasing site — nearly 38% of your audience will skip your brand and hop on your competitor’s site. The same goes for apps.

However, with the use of motion graphics, you can retain your audience by integrating an engaging video on your website’s homepage or loading screen just so that they could find something appealing that they could interact with.

3D Interactive Representation

From sales representation to product launch to promotional videos, literally, everything becomes delightful with a blend of 3D animation.

Motion graphics experts consider this technology as the most effective when considering brand promotions.

2D & 3D Animation United

What happens when you blend in two of the most stunning motion graphic trends? Exactly, innovation happens. 2D and 3D animations are at the heart of motion animation, and storytelling becomes extremely effective when graphic designers combine 2D and 3D.

Usually, big-budget digital ads comprise 2D and 3D animations where the movements and 2D overlayers seem visually pleasing and highly engaging.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography is my personal favorite motion animation type and one that delivers the message to your audience at an exhilarating pace.

With stylish and colorful moving texts and different fonts, a Kinetic typography animation engages your audience.

However, I would recommend that although there are times when you can break the rules and create something genuinely fascinating but too much stretching or incorporating unconventional fonts or images may confuse your audience.

Broken Text Motion Graphic

Is your brand all about inspiration? Is it surrounded by an aura that gives off a feeling of the medieval era? Or is it something mystical or poetic? If so, then Broken Text is the best motion graphics to powerfully convey your message.

In 2021, designers have bought innovation in the form of Broken Text to the table, and the best part is that people love it. However, this animation trend is new. I would suggest that you let it prosper a little more before utilizing it as your next message conveying type.

Classy VFX

Looking to create a realistic-looking environment for your context? VFX (Visual effects) are here to turn your imagination into reality. VFX is an impactful real-life representation of your product or brand that delivers your message strongly and robustly.

The eye-catching details, product teasing effects, and integration of firestorms, explosions, or electrical discharges made these computer-generated VFX animations trend in the first place.

Know more about the difference between animation and VFX.

Logo Animation

I could write an entire blog on the science and importance of logos. Still, since we’re talking about animated logos, I’ll explain these in the fewest possible words. When logos were becoming increasingly crucial for brands — animated logos sought to set the bar even higher.

Simple logos were being designed to capture your audience’s attention — animated logos started attracting the audience and becoming memorable at a faster and more efficient pace.

Seamless Transitions

As the name suggests, this motion graphic trend is famous for its seamless, smooth, sleek, captivating, and colorful presentation.

Seamless transitions provide your audience with a stunning representation and unstoppable pace of motion that showcase your product in a smooth flow.

New Minimalism

New minimalism, as a type of motion graphics, is the evolved form of the general art-style that is called minimalism. It utilizes stripped-down text and clean visuals.

Adding textures, loopable sound, bold representation, fast or slow transition, and several other aspects are made possible with this motion graphic trend.

Over to You

That’s all for now. Although there are several other types of motion graphics out there, the ones mentioned on this list are super trendy, and they’re already setting up the pace in 2021 brand engagement wars.

However, whenever you wish to leverage any or all of the type of motion graphics mentioned above, make sure that you make your video’s nature as per your audience’s demands and expectations.

For example, incorporating trendy soundtracks, a robust intro, and an appealing call to action will enable you to engage your audience. Still, the message and presentation should be clear and concise.

That said, 2021 is starting with excellent opportunities. With the trending motion graphics by your side — your brand will be unstoppable. However, there are times when you’re unable to determine the best type of motion graphic for your brand, and BuzzFlick seems to excel in these types of situations.

We’re experts in creating innovative and super-appealing motion graphics for brands, and we would be delighted to make one for you.

We will take you through our animation process, which by the way, is seamless, and you’ll have an idea of how beautiful it is to have a visually compelling motion graphic by your brand’s side.

If you have any queries regarding any type of animation video, feel free to contact us anytime you want.

Originally published at https://buzzflick.com on March 8, 2021.



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