8 Best Free 2D Animation Software

Creating interesting animated videos don’t always require paying hundreds of dollars. You can try and use several free 2D animation software to practice your animation skills or create exciting video content for your business.

You will be surprised to know that the internet and open-source community has provided us with some fantastic 2D animation platforms that are available to use for everyone. Check out our list of some great 2D animation software that is free to download and also offer expert upgradations. Make sure you understand the features of all tools before picking the one that best suits your needs.

Top 8 Free 2D Animation Software:

Let’s jump to the best free 2D animation software that helps cater to the needs of beginners and professional animators in creating compelling, animated content.


Synfig is a free, open-source animation software, and it allows users to create front-end and back-end design.

You can use Synfig animation software to create visual content and work on its front-end appearance instead of just being limited to back-end code. It is a great tool for beginners as well as professional animators to create fascinating content.


Opentoonz is a great 2D animation software that is professionally used to create animated video content. It has been notably used in the production of the movie Spirited Away as well as TV shows like Steven Universe. The wide range of video animation features makes Opentoons choice of many professionals.

Opentooz is a free, open-source animation production software. It offers users a scalable option and provides them room to upgrade by unblocking new features to create even better content.

Adobe Animate:

Adobe Animate by Adobe is one of the popular 2D animation software. Animate is professionally used to create design vector graphics, animated doodles, avatars, and infographics. You can even use Animate to create interactive animations for the web, TV shows, and games.

Animate helps you build exciting characters and make them come alive, and they make it easy to publish your content to any platform. Animate is recommended for professional animators or someone with a basic understanding of graphic design tools.

Animate is very cost-effective and offers a number of plans based on your needs starting from $20.99 per month. Besides, make sure you sign-up for the free trial before getting the monthly subscription.

Pencil 2D:

Pencil 2D is an open-source and free animation platform recommended for beginners. This tool helps you design traditional hand-drawn animations while using vector styles and bitmap for your animation videos.

It is very intuitive to use, and it makes the animation look easy by taking away complicated and non-essential features that can overwhelm anyone new in the game. The user-friendly interface helps beginners draw and animate using a platform that offers cross-platform compatibility.


Animaker is a web-based 2D animation software, and it enables you to create great storyboards for your videos, and add animations to characters and objects.

You can use Animaker to create branded videos for your social media handles or advertisements. It is often used by small business owners and marketers who want to benefit from the user-friendly interface and create engaging visual content. Animaker offers a free plan, and you can also upgrade to Starter and Business plan for $19 and $39, respectively.


PowToon claims to help businesses effectively communicate with useful visual aids such as share marketing strategy, HR recruitment and onboarding sessions, and other internal and external training.

PowToon is also a web-based animation tool, just like Animaker, and it allows users to create professional and customized videos. PowToon is a great tool to help you take your upcoming presentation up a notch by integrating sleek 2D animations like relevant characters, moving objects, and fun backgrounds.

Animation Paper:

It was formally known as Plastic Animation Paper till some ago and it is a popular platform for hand-drawn animations. Animation Paper is a good option to create your pencil-drawn 2D animations quickly and easily.

You can draw your characters and add fun animations to them in order to create excellent visual experiences. It is very easy to learn and familiarize yourself with using the tool. You can add layers to your animation, incorporate motions with its simple drag option, and make changes into all layers in one-go with an easy to navigate interface.


Pencil is a cross-platform, open-source 2D animation platform, and as the name suggests, it is mainly used to create pencil drawings.

Last on our list of top eight free 2D animation software, Pencil is free to download, and it is a decent option for users to create their drawings and then bring them to life. Pencil allows users to create cartoons, add image layers, and integrate sound and voice into your videos to make them come alive. It is a great tool for beginners and aspiring animators.

Wrapping up

This was our list of top eight free 2D animation software that you can use to create your engaging animated video content for various platforms and purposes. As video content is becoming people’s favorite medium to consume information, many businesses are also investing in collaborations with video production companies to create more high-quality, engaging, and customized animated video content. Hence, make sure you get the research part done, before opting for your animation platform.



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