Best Product Demo Videos to Inspire You in 2020

Products need to be viewed through the solution they offer and the value they deliver to their potential users. Every firm is trying to push out its own product or services in every single way possible, but most advertising and branding formats are not that good in pushing out the narrative on what the product actually does. Here, the medium of product demo videos comes in.

Product demo videos are the perfect video type to get the word out and about how your product performs and solves real-time problems the consumer is facing.

So, if you have a product that’s fantastic and offers real value, then you need to get a product demo video made for it as soon as possible.

However, you want to make sure your demo video is engaging, relatable for audiences, and reflective on how you are as a brand.

To give you a better idea about what best product demo videos look like, we have come up with a list of our top 15 picks from product demo videos made by brands from across the industry.

Why are product demo videos important for your business?

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Marketers successfully use product demo videos to provide their existing and potential customers an insight into the benefits of the product, the usage and functionality of it, and how it adds value to their lives.

Did you know 90% of users say that watching product videos helps them make a better decision? Demo videos are very useful to drive user engagement for leads in the middle of the sales funnel.

These are the times of information and awareness. An increasing number of people do an online search before buying a product offline or through the website or app.

Product demo videos at the correct place like on your website’s inner product or service page can boost brand credibility and trust of customers.

Besides, by creating a demo video, you eliminate the need to invest again and again for arranging demos for different audiences. You can repurpose this video for different platforms and increase viewership to millions with the right strategy.

15 best product demo videos that are setting the trend in 2020

Let’s look at our top picks of product demo videos that are nailing it and inspiring us at BuzzFlick, in no specific order.

Google Translate

A couple of years back, Google introduced a new feature for Android mobile phone users, called Tap-To-Translate.

The product feature is easy to understand as it is, but after watching the demo video, viewers would know precisely how to use it.

With a duration of 1.22 minutes, it’s short, concise, and there high chances that users will watch the entire thing before losing its attention.

The video starts with a problem statement, and that’s where it gains the focus. A lot of viewers will find it relatable and would want to find out more.

From the styling to voiceover, it’s subtle but effective.


Once again, Slack comes up with a brilliant demo video. No doubt, they are known for creating engaging visual experiences.

This walkthrough video about how Slack, a workspace communication and management software, works is one of our best demo videos on the list.

The upbeat background music, the friendly voiceover, and the detailed information given in easy-to-follow steps, the video takes viewers along for a story.

They have built the narrative of the video around their SaaS platform, and it highlights the benefits of using Slack in a fun and light-hearted manner, which makes the video easy to remember.


The product demo video for Salesforce CPQ & Billing tool is highly focused on its target audiences by taking them as the characters of the video.

This demo video uses the storytelling approach to highlight the features of the product in a specific scenario.

Viewers get to see the product right in the middle of the action, as the sales rep is on a call with the client.

With a bit of humor, and a memory of times without CPQ & Billing tool, brings more engagement and element of entertainment for the viewers.

Jumping in with the actual scenarios where the product is meant to be used can be an excellent approach for product videos.


Animated videos are increasing in popularity. The animated demo videos work well for YouTube ads, social media, and websites.

Headspace is a meditation app that works as your meditation guide.

Headspace created an animated demo video that has found its way into our top picks for the best product demo videos.

There is absolutely no music in the video, instead of following the theme of the app, you hear a calming voiceover done by the founder of Headspace.

You see designs, characters, animations, and the overall style inspired by the app itself. Now, that’s a smart trick to boost association with the brand.

A fantastic approach for product demo videos is to embrace the unique style of your brand proudly.


When building the best product demo video, it is imperative to know your audience, only then you can create an experience that attracts and engages them.

Pipedrive took the same approach. A sales CRM tool, Pipedrive, helps business executives and sales professionals organize and manage their leads through the sales funnel.

With over four minutes of duration, it is a lengthy demo video, but it offers every detail the audience would want to know. Again, it all about knowing your audience.

Anyways, the video is easy to follow and keeps you engaged until the last second, which makes it one of the best software demo videos from recent times.

You see, a bit of personality coming through in the voiceover, the animation is smartly incorporated, and the pleasant music effectively delivers the message.

Feeling inspired by Pipedrive’s product demonstration video?

We can help you create a fun, conversational, lengthy B2B software demo video.


Businesses across the industries and markets are using social media to connect with their audience.

The demo video by HootSuite, a social media management tool, caters to a massive range of businesses that have social accounts.

With minimal animations, the video relaxes and informs the viewers without overwhelming them with too much information.

The warm voiceover is welcoming and attracts new customers to find out how they can use the software and benefit from it.

It offers valuable information, it’s neatly done and doesn’t go over the top at any point, which makes it our top pick for onboarding demo videos.

Apple Card

When you see this demo video about the new feature by Apple, you accept nothing but brilliance. Apple knows how to do product videos right. The concise, engaging, and have just the right amount of drama.

In this video, Apple is introducing The Apple Card, a new credit card.

With a minimalistic design and life-like movements, Apple has created one of the best product demo videos.

From the background music and sound effects to the crisp animations, the high-tech brand does not disappoint.

Apple makes bold statements, like zero service fees and interest-free transactions, which is a great approach to evoke more interest in the feature.


The USP of some of the best demo videos is that they are straight-up blunt and hilarious.

This animated product demo video by FridaBaby is one of those videos.

The video is undoubtedly for new mothers and parents, and they surely will it relatable.

However, you won’t be able to avoid a smirk as you watch this funny, candid, and unorthodox demo video.

It very smartly touches on all the right pain points of the target audience. We are sure millions of parents across the world will resonate with the video.

The brutal honesty, humorous approach, and that also without missing out on any benefit of the product, is why it’s one of our top picks.


Personally and professionally, we are increasingly using software solutions to make our lives easier. This means better platform options and more software product videos.

Todoist is a task managing mobile app, and it helps you organize your regular tasks, chores, and so on.

This is one of our best demo videos because of the clean, abstract design.

You see, every frame elegantly shifts to the next in 20 seconds or so, holding the complete attention of the viewers and leaving mesmerized as the video ends.

The smooth transitions, compelling storyline, and the assertive narrative, it is designed to take viewers on board.

Apple Support — Android to iPhone

This video talks you back to the core purpose of demo videos, make complex, detailed information easy to consume for audiences. And this Video by Apple is one of the best examples of that.

It’s a great customer support video that helps new iPhone users to transfer their data from Android devices.

The video walks you step-by-step throughout the process, with both mobile devices right in front of you on the screen.

The voiceover is friendly, welcoming, and intuitive to answer the possible questions viewers might be thinking.

When creating a demo video for an online platform or software, we focus on catering to the user experience of the product. Just as the script in the video seems to be doing, “You can’t use the devices during the process, so you might want to do this overnight.”

Apple shows its customers that it only wants the best for their product users, which makes it easy for the viewers to trust the brand.

Western Union

Here is another best-animated demo video from our top picks.

Western Union created this product demo video to introduce their mobile bill payment feature.

The lively music and helpful voiceover leave a positive impression on the viewers.

Consistently in the video, you see the brand designs, colors, and styles are followed brilliantly.

The video maintains a persistent minimalistic animation style and background color. It is engaging and gives detailed information that valuable to the target audience.

This is an excellent example of keeping it simple and to the point.

LinkedIn Learning

This demo video by LinkedIn Learning is actionable and aspirational with its message, with the right tone for the target audience of professionals.

The video tells the viewers how it adds value to their lives and professional growth by recommending them content based on their specific skills.

Along with talking product features, the video creates excitement and anticipation about the platform.

Keeping cool and professional, just what the brand requires.


This product demo video proves that you don’t need a script if you have a strong idea.

The demo video for Shopify’s mobile app is impressive, memorable, and persuasive.

It gives you several different uses and benefits of using the Shopify mobile app. It highlights how the app helps you to manage your online store, retail store, and sell anywhere using three different contexts.

It’s simple, to the point, truly delivers a visual experience, and only offers information that would be useful to a potential user.


People like brands with a witty personality, and they love them when they bring light-hearted jokes and amusing animations within their videos.

Zazzle is an online marketplace for individuals and companies to build their customized and branded clothing items.

In this product video, Zazzle first identifies problems people often face and then talks about how their process is different and the benefits the brand offers. Getting straight to the pain points of the audience.

However, the unique way to their approach brand makes them highly relatable, particularly for younger audiences.

It’s funny and brilliant.


PerformYard is an employee performance management tool. It connects managers and employees and helps employers to track and improve the performance of employees and business strategies.

The software demo video of PerformYard follows a straight-forward sales deck approach.

The video uses a formal voiceover that is most likely to speak to the target audience.

Besides, the smooth transitions and product screens reflect a streamlined video production process that keeps the viewers engaged.

It’s clean, precise, and effective!

Wrap up

This was our list of 15 best product demo videos out there.

These videos cover a wide range of styles of creating an impactful demo video depending on your audience, industry, and brand persona. We hope these examples inspire you in your journey towards creating a compelling product demo video.

If you have more questions regarding the best demo videos for your specific audience or if you want to discuss your idea with our experts, feel free to reach us out.

Originally published at on August 26, 2020.



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