Guide To Make The Best Testimonial Videos For Your Business in 2020

Whether you’re a small-scale business or a corporate level company, you would have a marketing team, working on new strategies day and night to generate leads and turn them into your potential customers. Marketing strategies include creating quality content in the form of blog posts, images, info graphs, PDFs, reports, case study, audio, and news articles, etc.


Nothing beats the powerful impact of video marketing these days. It won’t be wrong if term it as the most persuasive tool in the marketing field these days for convincing a customer into buying your product.

Why’s That So?

Think of yourself as a customer who has all the information but still needs a push to make a purchase? What can possibly be compelling enough to make you act upon your feeble wishes by turning them impregnable?

A powerfully made video can do that! Best product videos capture more attention than any other marketing content. More than 64% of the viewers turn into customers after watching an interactive video. Around 53% of the viewers prefer to get information in the form of a video from a brand they like.

There are several video types you can use for your brand and all of them play an important role in your marketing strategies. All sorts of these videos can be made for your brand by a creative video animation store you trust.

But we are going to talk about the most powerful type out there, in the video making section.

And that is Testimonial Videos…

Now, What Is A Testimonial Video?

What does a testimonial video really mean?

It’s a review-sharing video from a real customer who has used your product and is now giving positive feedback in the form of a video testimonial. This is perhaps the most influential type of video there is.

Since it’s not just a written customer testimonial but a proper video message, conveying the facial expressions, showing satisfaction, and above all, engaging credibility, it persuades the customer perfectly.

You might have wondered, where can you place a client’s image and video ads?

That’s where video testimonials can come in handy.

What Are Some Testimonial Video Examples?

Brands or businesses aren’t the only ones using testimonial videos on their websites for marketing. Nearly every corporate structure uses testimonials in one form or other. They run on every online platform like social media, web media, and electronic media.

Testimonial Commercials:

Different brands run their commercials based on customer’s testimonials, making them much more convincing. They target the audience’s psychology by showing a happy customer, which makes feel safer to try your product out.

Testimonial Ads:

Advertising on social platforms using testimonial videos from customers can add an element of persuasiveness in them. The key to a successful testimonial is authenticity. You should prefer taking testimonials in your customer’s own words. This would increase the “belief” factor in your ads.

Jumping forward to the part where we would discuss the tips and tricks to make your testimonial videos even better, let’s look into each suggestion.

1. A Celebrity’s Testimonial:

What’s better than a customer’s testimonial? A celebrity’s testimonial! If your service or product has made a famous personality happy, chances are, the public would also feel comfortable, believing in you. This tactic is mostly used by PR departments where they send off PR packages to influencing personalities to get a review from them about the brand. But a personalized testimonial video would go way higher than a review.

Celebrity testimonials are quite popular in every niche these days, especially on Instagram where social influencers like Kylie Jenner have turned themselves into huge money churning enterprise by reviewing their own brands and leveraging other celebs to do it for them.

2. Add the Element Of Truth:

When users speak out in a way that’s authentic and real, it tends to connect with consumers on a far deeper level than would otherwise be possible.

Top brands that have a lot of confidence in their work often put forth testimonial videos that appear like they haven’t been directed by them and have been created by the customer in a really candid manner.

The powerful impact of such videos leads more users into trusting your brand because they realize the fact that you are not afraid to take things out in the open.

In the VPN industry, for example, you can easily find VPN brands putting out their VPNs for testing by anyone and welcome reviews on it.

By creating a testimonial video, you’re providing value to your service from an external source which will nurture your leads better. Your content will stand out from other overtly promotional ads, being real and impartial.

3. Capture Candid Reactions:

Another word for testimonials? Candid reactions! You can go for capturing the moments where your clients or customers check out your product or service and give an immediate reaction. That will add the truth factor is your advertisements more than acting adds. It could be when about a newly opened restaurant where some customers try out signature dishes and give candid remarks about taste. Including a quick pitch about the product at the start and let the customer’s real-time testimonials do the persuading part. Viewers can sense the authenticity in the tones of customers.

If this work doesn’t work out for your product, nothing else would!

4. Using a Detailed Specific Case Study:

Another strategy with a different testimonial format can be focusing on one specific case and letting the customer speak about the personalized benefits they got, instead of recording reviews from multiple customers. This would let you add details about one case and the viewers can take out what’s useful for them from the case study.

Some brands avoid sharing such intimate details in their commercials, which makes them miss out on so much. Customers want to know first-hand detailed reviews from genuine users.

These kinds of testimonial videos work best for those firms which have products that require a high amount of investment in terms of time for customers. For e.g. products like expensive cars or ERP software. A customer going through the whole journey of buying such a product and narrating their journey will definitely help others sign up for the same thing as well.

5. Focus on the happy ending:

Focusing on the happy ending and final reward works well for several reasons. Customers know for sure what to keep in mind as a result. Satisfied reviews and testimonials seal the deal. Seeing lighthearted customers sharing satisfactory results with the help of facts and with glee in their attitude makes the viewers confident about making a purchase. It helps them in visualizing what results they will get.

Showing the before and after comparison focusing on how crappy the situation was, and how it improved after using your service with a happy testimonial would definitely cut the deal. This dental commercial deciphers the message clearly through the beautiful resulting smiles and shining teeth.

6. Let Emotions Take Over:

This testimonial commercial is a classic example of how emotions compel the viewers into getting emotionally attached to the brand or the results. The shots of tearful moments or smiling customers overwhelm the viewers are that’s when they make decisions. An emotional connection is necessary before making a purchase. This is why an emotional element must be introduced into your commercials. Background music in testimonial videos can easily introduce the emotional factor which will be an effective strategy evident in testimonial advertising examples.

7. Aestheticism Prevails:

Although in the year 2020, selfie videos are trending and most celebrities post reviews through selfie videos or vlogs, quality still prevails over quantity. Nicely done direction and video quality grabs attention and keeps it intact. Watching a poorly produced video is not easy. It could be rather difficult to find genuine testimonials, let alone good quality ones. You would have to press more on the subject of quality especially when your brand has a lot to offer visually, like decorative ambiance, aesthetically pleasing interior, or qualitative products.

You can edit videos on your own too by using video editing apps on your Android or iOS.

8. Make Them Feel Home:

If your product or services targets multiple sorts of customers, you would need to make commercials from more than one perspective. This could be achieved if you get customer testimonials from different customers with different needs.

People want to relate with what they see. Females would be more attracted to a female experienced review. It would hit them right. Google statistics show 68% of people prefer watching videos from “people like me”. This means you should be careful to add testimonials from all prospective leads. Including people with different ethnicity, background, gender, and ages would make your testimonial video likable by a large number of masses.

Last Words…

Still not sure if you can do it perfectly? If you want to learn more about how to turn the testimonial videos into an influential commercial, BuzzFlick can help you! Reach us out to find more examples on how a testimonial video can boost your business and do wonders!

Originally published at on August 11, 2020.



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